The Columbia County Ballet has assembled over the years a staff of excellence both administratively as well as in the classroom and production studios.

Our Office Staff are thoroughly trained to address the needs of our newest students and their families as they enter the school for their first dance experience at CCB.

The Ballet's Production Team engages throughout the season to help prepare the finest presentations.

The Ballet's Founding Directors' combined expertise forms the basis of a thorough and meticulous training system which spans from the youngest pre-ballet student through the levels of graded technique and into the demanding skill level of the pre-professional.

Teachers trained within the system are carefully aligned to instruct the level of dancer they are most effective in working with.

Guest Instructors work with advanced levels weekly at the studio.  Instructors with years of preparatory training instruct the graded levels of technique and the younger pre-ballet students.


Ron Jones studied ballet in Detroit Michigan with Sandra Severo under a full scholarship awarded by the Ford Foundation.  Ron's first job was with the Atlanta Ballet under the direction of Robert Barnett where he rose to Principal Dancer status.  He danced in South America and Haiti with Ballet Spectacular dancing with Grace Doty in Spring Waters and Norbert Vesak's Rachmaninoff.  He studied at the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC under a full scholarship and performed with the Joffrey Ballet's youth company in Newport Rhode Island in the Vanderbilt Mansion.  When Ron married Kathleen Monahan they moved to Pittsburg to accept a soloist position for Ron with the Pittsburg Ballet Theatre.  The Director offered Ron a promotion to Principal Dancer but the Jones's missed the south and decided to accept an offer from the Augusta Ballet as Associate Director.  Ron and Kathleen opened the Columbia County Ballet in 1985.  Together they have helped found the Columbia County Arts, the Augusta Dance Coalition, SAIL, and Hope Ballet.  Ron was awarded Outstanding Artist of the Year by the Arts Council.  Today the ballet presents Ron's original work, the Roar of Love, as well as his version of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker.  Ron and Kathleen share the satisfaction of having trained and sent dance students into the the professional world of dance as well as students that have entered many professions over the years and still thrill to return as Alumni both onstage and behind the scenes.

Modern, Advanced/Intermediate

Gabriel Kellen Hughes began his dance training as a young boy under the direction of Ron Jones at the Columbia County Ballet.  He attended Davidson Fine Arts and graduated a year early from this prestigious school.  While dancing under the direction of Ms Sharon Mayfield, DFA Modern Dance Instructor and Choreographer, Gabriel progressed to become one of the Dance Departments leading male dancers.

Gabriel initiated and oversees the Modern Dance Classes at the Columbia County Ballet.  He has attended summer workshops in L.A., Columbia and Atlanta and apprenticed under his uncle Stephen "Stevo" Jones, L.A. Hip Hop Dancer, Choreographer and Actor (Jasper Tarik in Step Up: All In)

Gabe has performed the roles of Peter in Peter Pan, The Mad Hatter in Michael Viator's ALICE, the Russian Trepak as well as the Cavalier in The Nutcracker, the Celebrant, Fenris Ulf, White Stag & ASLAN in the Roar of Love and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. 

Gabriel daily studies the Mixed Martial Arts.  He has trained and competed in Georgia, California, Texas and Florida. 

"Through dance I aim to grow in character and as a human being physically.  Dance has taught me to control every inch of my body and has benefited everything I've done.  I hope to instill in my students an outstanding work ethic.  I also wish to build them as people so they are more aware of the world around them and can confidently pursue their goals."

Advanced/Intermediate, Pointe Curriculum, Coach

Renee  Toole was the Principal Dancer with the Augusta Ballet for years.  Among her memorable roles are the Sugar Plum Fairy in Balanchine’s Nutcracker with partner Ron Jones; Myrtha, Queen of the Willis, and Giselle in the classic story of Giselle; Carmen in the tragic story of Carmen; Swanhilda in Coppelia; and one of the five featured dancers in Tony Farrell’s unforgettable Red Wagon.  Mrs Toole is the Fine Arts Program Coordinator and Lead Dance Teacher at Davidson Fine Arts.  She is a member of the National Dance Association, the Royal Academy of Dance and Phi Delta Kappa.

Intermediate Technique, Pointe, Modern

Kelci Walker began her dance training at the Columbia County Ballet under the direction of 'Ms' Kathleen.  She continued her training with 'Mr' Ron and upon acceptance into Davidson Fine Arts she continued her training with Renee Toole and Sharon Mayfield.  Kelci has studied at the South Carolina Dance Conservatory, Atlanta Ballet Professional Intensive, and was a scholarship recipient to the Governor's Honors Program.

Kelci has performed roles in the Nutcracker from Clara to the Sugar Plum.  She danced the Purity Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty, the Cheshire Cat in Michael Viator's ALICE, Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast and the Ballerina in Harold Lander's Etudes. 

When asked what her goals in teaching are Kelci responds, "I hope to instill in my students the technique of ballet, a sense of self accomplishment and confidence.  I want them to understand that with faith, a strong work ethic, and diligence, they can conquer anything."

Intermediate Technique, Pointe

Anna Moldovan began her dance training as young child with Kathleen Jones at the Columbia County Ballet.  Other instructors have included Ron Jones, Renee Toole, Michael Viator, Megan Furno, Lia Daniele & Jessica Carroll.  Anna has attended Summer Intensives at Ballet Magnificat in Jackson Mississippi as well as with the Charlotte Ballet. 

Anna's favorite roles to have performed are Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Lucy, Robin and the Maiden in the Roar of Love, Clara and the Dew Drop in the Nutcracker and Lady Magnolia in Michael Viator's Alice.

Anna's goal in performance is " give the audience a visual for the story we are telling."

Her goal as an Instructor at the CCB studios is "to instill within my dance students a love of dance and an appreciation for the hard work and discipline that it requires to become a dancer."

When Anna is not dancing, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, shopping and cooking.

Ron Jones - COACH

Advanced/Intermediate, Pointe, Coach

Lia Daniele has performed with the famed Joffrey Ballet and around the world in both contemporary dance and musicals.  She has taught in NYC at Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center as well as in Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Delaware & Virginia.  Among Ms Daniele's major choreographic works are Zephyr's Pond, Joy to the World and Holiday IN!  'Ms Lia' moved to Augusta in 2017 with her husband who is part of the Fort's Cyber Intelligence Staff.  She is the Lead Dance Instructor at SAIL, a charter school for arts infused learning which opened in August 2017.  Ms Lia is a Guest Instructor and Coach and teaches weekly at Columbia County Ballet.

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Intro to Technique

Danielle Enz began her ballet training at the Columbia County Ballet at the age of 5.  She recently attended the Orlando Ballet's Summer Intensive in Jacksonville, FL.

Danielle's favorite performances have been in Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice, Beauty and the Beast, and the Columbia County Ballet's annual Nutcracker and the Roar of Love.  "What I hope to accomplish through my dancing is to work hard, always improve and to have fun!  I hope to instill within my students the desire to learn something new and improve with every dance lesson; to laugh and have fun while in class, and to grow not just in ballet but in other great habits that ballet teaches such as strength, self-discipline and the satisfaction of accomplishment.  I will always remember the fun times I had while taking class.  The first friends I made were through ballet class!  I remember my friends and I constantly trying to the get my right split in class and my teacher encouraging me to keep trying!  When I first got into company I remember concentrating so hard in class to the point where I was biting my tongue!  My teacher noticed and recommended that I smile instead!  My most treasured memories are the ones I have made here at Columbia County Ballet and I hope to share this wonderful experience with others!"

When Danielle is not dancing she enjoys drawing and computer editing.