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honors and recognition

  • The Mayor of Augusta signed a proclamation dedicating one full week each year in honor of the Columbia County Ballet.

  • State Senator Jim Whitehead presented a plaque to the Performing Company naming it the Official Resident Ballet Company of Columbia County.

Dancers love to perform. This is where the desire to dance is fulfilled. Movements of choreography are the dancers’ voice that communicates something of value and leaves a lasting impression. The power to engage an audience through the expression of the dance gives every dancer a place of lasting impact.

The Columbia County Ballet Performing Company evolved from the school more than 25 years ago for the purpose of offering additional performing experiences for young dancers. The Performing Company is a 501(c)(3) corporation guided by a Board of Directors. Each year the Performing Company presents a season of three major performances: A Fall Repertoire Production, The Nutcracker, and The Roar of Love. Dancers as young as 10-years-old may audition for the company.

The Performing Company has 5 levels placing each member at the level of their ability. The youngest dancers or those  with the least experience are Les Petites I or II. Other levels are Junior, Apprentice, and then Senior Company.

New Company Audition Date has been postponed as of May 1st.  New date TBA.

big sister/little sister 

big brother/little brother

Several years ago the Columbia County Ballet implemented, among its company members, a program conceived by Alyssa Cameron, now a CCB Alumni, called Big Sis/Lil Sis -- Big Bro/Lil Bro. This program is part of an ongoing tradition at the ballet that encourages mentorship of the new younger members by the older more experienced dancers in the company. In this program each of the younger female dancers is assigned to a Big Sister & the younger male dancers are assigned to a Big Brother, who will help guide his or her younger apprentice through the initial first years of company membership. The transition from simply attending ballet classes as a student of the academy to company rehearsals and performances involves a considerable time and work commitment.

From proper pointe shoe care (for the lil sisters:) to costume and make-up instruction, expected classroom & rehearsal approach, behavior & etiquette and finally theater week pacing, to balance out school work with the demands of this performing art, are some of the elements the Columbia County Ballet Older "Siblings" help their Younger "Siblings" through. The goal of this mentorship program is to provide the opportunity for these enthusiastic young dancers to garner the finest dance experience available as they integrate these performance opportunities into other elements of their lives. Dance students may audition for the Columbia County Ballet Company as young as age 10.


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Columbia County Ballet Roster
2019/2020 Season

Guest Artist

  Gabriel Hughes
Senior Company
           Abbi Sarrah Chriswell            Lena Hallam                Sophia Hill                Allison Lewis         

Anna Moldovan            Avalyn Mullikin            Katie Scarlet Santiago           Gracie Stager            Leilani Walker

  Apprentice Company

Adalyn Cawthon       Molly Drake        Catherine Farr          Elle Garcia

           Allie Jenkins         Angel Jordan       Audrey Millar       Emily Moldovan         Bekah Rich          

Junior Company

                Gabriella Atkins     Annah Chriswell      Mason-Kate Drafts           

          Clara Farnell         Lindsay McLeroy         Veronica Merry         Madelyn Morin             

Rachel Peters          Charlotte Theodocion          Anna Waddell              Olivia Waddell           

​​Petite II
  Addison Caffee         Elisabeth Chriswell         Jamison Dallier       Whitney Hock         

                Ella Moldovan        Elliana Montgomery        Avery Murray       

Ansley Painter      Phoebe Tongish        Perry Catherine Weaver        Marilla Vernon

​​Petite I

         Lexi Aliff          Violet Brantley          McKenna Brown        Madison Burke       

Kate Leigh Cannady       Erin Cashin         Abigail Dangerfield             Maddox Drafts         

Ainsley Farnell         Elisa Gramer       Addison Moore         Lilly Newsome         Yahan Su      Margaret Vernon     Marley Wood