the art of dance

Formed in 1985, The Columbia County Ballet celebrates the art of dance through the beauty of the ballet. Dancers desire to move beautifully, with power, speaking through movement in ways that words sometimes fail. The particularly graceful and elegant form of the ballet trained dancer transcends the ordinary and allows the dancer to enter a realm of beauty that feeds the soul. Every child compelled to move from within has the power to take this journey.

a foundation built with care and intelligence

Founding Directors, Ron and Kathleen Jones, understood from the outset the value of establishing a strong and consistent method of training for every one of their students. From the youngest to the most advanced student, our syllabus is structured to address the particular needs and challenges of each level. “ Ballet is approached as an art form here at Columbia County Ballet Academy. We have a deep respect for its traditions and a thorough understanding of its structure. When a child receives proper training in the earliest years, the success of that dancer’s future experience is set in motion.”

the power of the dancer’s voice

There are many dance programs available. Some focus on the recreation of dance, while others strive toward competitions by learning and repeating routines in front of judges. The pure joy of dance and a strong sense of healthy competition thrive within the studios at the Columbia County Ballet because our programs focus on the beauty and power of dance as an art form. When our students develop the necessary skills from proper instruction and training, they are able to develop the ability to speak through movement with the power to captivate an audience and truly be heard.

our school

why columbia county ballet?

Instructors at the Academy are professionally trained and certified through the Academy's Apprenticeship Program. Instructors are selected based upon their comprehension of the ballet technique, it's rich history, and the elements of stage preparation and performance. Apprentices assist within the classroom for a 3-4 year training period. The resulting cohesiveness within the training system at the Columbia County Ballet is the result of this thorough training process.

  • Ballet classes for all ages beginning at age 3
  • Specially constructed floors for dance
  • Limited class sizes
  • Voted Columbia County’s Favorite Dance School
  • Director of School voted "Artist of Year"
  • Special Adult Class
  • All students perform in the Roar of Love

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