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Instructor - Technique

Katie Scarlet Santiago began dancing at CCB when she was just 6 years old.  Katie, a Senior Company Member, loves to dance & perform on stage.  Her favorite roles in past CCB Performances are Clara in "The Nutcracker" and the Robin in "The Roar of Love".  

Katie's hobbies are hanging out with friends & shopping.

"I enjoy teaching ballet because I love being able to share something I love with others and teaching them to appreciate the discipline and art form as much as I do."

Katie's favorite quote is, "Don't wish for it, work for it."

Instructor - Adult Ballet

Lindsay Southwell began dancing at Columbia County Ballet in 1988.  As the youngest dancer of the first Company, Augusta Dance Theatre, she was the quickest amongst the original members to advance her training.  Lindsay is now a CCB Alumni & since she began teaching the adult ballet class many years ago it has grown, and continues to grow, considerably in number.  

Social Media/Choreographer/Alumni

Julianne "Jules" Norkus began dancing at Columbia County Ballet in 1997 under the instruction of Ms Kathleen, which as the time was called "Ron Jones Academy of Ballet".  The Ballet's first Performing Company, named Augusta Dance Theatre, started in 1997, & Jules joined the Performing Company in 2004, a couple years after the name was officially changed to the "Columbia County Ballet".  She danced in the company for 6 years before graduating from high school in 2010, pursuing a BA in Theatre at Georgia Southern University.   


Stephen Jones began dancing in his hometown of Augusta, GA where his parents own the Columbia County Ballet.  His early training concentrated on classical ballet... 

Modern, Advanced/Intermediate

Gabriel Kellen Hughes began his dance training as a young boy under the direction of Ron Jones at the Columbia County Ballet.  He attended Davidson Fine Arts and graduated a year early from this prestigious school...

Kathleen Jones-Associate Director/PreBallet Director

Kathleen Monahan Jones channeled her enthusiasm for life into her role as a cheerleader in middle school.  She was nominated President of the Pep Club in Odessa Texas while attending Permian High School (of Friday Night Lights fame).  She was nominated to represent Miss KMID TV in the Miss West Texas Pageant.  She graduated from Texas Tech University with a major in Interior Art Design and a minor in Dance.  She then spent a year touring and living in Italy, England, France, Spain, Africa, the Middle East and Peru.

Advanced/Intermediate, Pointe Curriculum, Coach

Renee Toole, Davidson Fine Arts Program Coordinator & Dance Department Lead Teacher, has been skillfully trained to be both dancer & teacher. She entered the Augusta Ballet School in pre-ballet at the age of six and continues to study today. In addition to Ron & Zanne Colton, her teachers include Sally Bliss, Melissa Hayden, Robert Barnett, Frederic Franklin, Duncan Noble, and Maria Grandy.


Lena Hallam has been dancing since she was 9, but found her love for ballet when she started studying at CCB in 2016.  Her favorite roles over the years have been performing as a step sister in Cinderella, Susan in the Roar of Love, and Dewdrop in The Nutcracker.  Aside from CCB, she has attended summer intensives at USC and Ballet Magnificat...   

Instructor/Assistant - Technique

Angel Jordan began dancing at CCB in 2018 & moved quickly into the Senior Company Member level.  As a military kid, dance has always been a constant in her every changing life.  "No matter where I end up I know that I'll have a home & place to make friends if I have a dance studio.  It's the only way I can get out of my own head and away from life when I need to just breath."  


​Gracie Stager began dancing at CCB at 3 years old. She has trained under Ron Jones, Renee Toole, Lia Daniele & Michael Viator. Gracie has attended summer intensives at Atlanta Ballet, Metropolitan Ballet, and International Ballet. She has studied at Julliard, Broadway Dance Center, Joffery Ballet, The School of American Ballet, and more.​..

Instructor- PreBallet

Molly Drake has been dancing at CCB since she was 3 years old.   Her favorite roles to have preformed to date are Lucy & a Bird in "The Roar of Love".  Molly has performed in CCB's productions of The Nutcracker, The Roar of Love, Cinderella, Velveteen Rabbit, Etudes, and Michael Viator's ALICE & Beauty and the Beast.

Molly enjoys working with kids and hopes to teach them to have fun while learning the discipline of ballet.

Office Manager

April Hill is a native of Augusta.  She & her husband of 20 years, Jim, homeschool their two beautiful daughters, Gracie & Sophia.  Gracie is a CCB alumni & Sophia is on staff as a Pre-Ballet Instructor.  April is a retired dental hygienist & moved into the position of CCB's Office Manager in August of 2019.  April's hobbies are graphic art & DIY projects.  She puts before all else Jesus & family, and loves animals, babies, ballet & butterflies!

Instructor - PreBallet

Annah Maci Chriswell has danced at CCB for 12 years.  Her instructors have included Mr Ron, Michael Viator, Ms Renee Toole, Ms Lia Daniele, and Ms Megan Furno.  "Ballet is a beautiful expression of worship to me to the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords!"

Annah is an active member of Christ the King church and a Junior Company Member at CCB.  She immensely enjoys teaching PreBallet at CCB.  Other hobbies include journaling, photography, painting, sketching, calligraphy and spending time by the sea with her family & friends.

Technique Instructor

Catherine Farr has dancing at CCB for 13 years.  She joined the Performing Company in 2016 & has performed numerous roles in CCB productions as a Company Member, including her favorite roles, both a Party Girl as well as a a Flower in Waltz of the Flowers, and a Celebrant & Bird is The Roar of Love.  

"Columbia County Ballet is like a family to me and I'm so happy to have them in my life and help other students grow to become a part of that family.  I want them to feel the same passion and love I feel for dance, as well as have a lot of fun!"

Ron Jones - COACH


Sophia Hill began her dance training at the Columbia County Ballet as a young child.  She has studied under Kathleen Jones, Ron Jones, Renee Toole, Lia Daniele, Megan Furno, & many more. In addition, she attended Summer Dance Intensives at Ballet Fest 2016 in Atlanta, GA with Juan Sanchez and has taken Master Classes with Wendy Whelan, Francis Lawrence, Abby Lee Miller, Christin Arthur & Dana Tai Soon Burgess...

Jessica Hughes-​Executive Director

Jessica Hughes grew up at the Columbia County Ballet.  She was 5 years old when her parents opened the doors of what has become recognized in this community and beyond for excellence both in ballet training and in theatre performance...

Advanced/Intermediate, Pointe, Coach

Lia Daniele has performed with the famed Joffrey Ballet and around the world in both contemporary dance and musicals.  She has taught in NYC at Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center as well as in Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Delaware & Virginia...


The Columbia County Ballet has assembled over the years a staff of excellence both administratively as well as in the classroom and production studios.  Our Office Staff are thoroughly trained to address the needs of our newest students and their families.  

The Ballet's Founding Directors' combined expertise forms the basis of a thorough and meticulous training system which spans from the youngest pre-ballet student through the levels of graded technique and into the demanding skill level of the pre-professional.

Teachers trained within the system are carefully aligned to instruct the level of dancer they are most effective in working with.

Guest Instructors work with advanced levels weekly at the studio.  

Ron Jones-Artistic Director / Lead Coach

Ron Jones studied ballet in Detroit Michigan with Sandra Severo under a full scholarship awarded by the Ford Foundation.  Ron's first job was with the Atlanta Ballet under the direction of Robert Barnett where he rose to Principal Dancer status... 

Instructor - PreBallet

Emily Moldovan began dancing at Columbia County Ballet when she was just 4 years old.  She has studied under the direction of Ron Jones, Renee Toole, Lia Daniele, Michael Viator, Gabriel Hughes, Megan Furno, & Jessica Carroll.  Emily has performed in CCB's The Roar of Love, The Nutcracker, Madeline, Etudes, and Michael Viator's ALICE, Beauty & the Beast, and Cinderella.  Some of her favorite roles have been Lucy, the Robin & Penelope the cat in the Roar of Love, and Madeline in Madeline.