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In light of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, “Freedom” is a tribute to America and a reminder of what we have so bravely endured as a country - the lives lost, the hurting loved ones, the victories won, and the freedoms obtained. The concept of the ballet takes us on a journey, beginning intensely with tragedy, struggle, and war. It then takes an emotional turn of remembering what we’ve been through, honoring those who have so bravely and selflessly served our country, and praying for the future of our great nation. The ballet then concludes in celebrating both the freedom we have as a country and also the spiritual freedom we have received in Jesus Christ. The take away from this heart-felt ballet is that we would all remember our nation’s history and the amazing principles America was founded upon. We must never forget or take for granted that freedom is never free. And we must never stop praying for the future of our country, that God would mercifully continue to shed His grace on the land that we so dearly love.